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Fresh is the name of the game with crawfish transportation and we’ve cornered that market by picking up directly from the farmers in South Louisiana with our specially outfitted crawfish trucks. This allows us to hand pick the absolute best bait crawfish for your bass pond. Whether you are working towards a trophy pond or just having some good old Southern fun catching monster bass, we’ve got you covered.

With over 60 years in the crawfish industry amongst our crew we know a thing or two about the Louisiana cash crop. We are currently adding a Master Pond Management certification to better serve the industry of crawfish bass pond stocking for North Alabama and beyond.





Birmingham, AL $2/lb
Chattanooga, TN $2.50/lb
Knoxville, TN $2.75/lb

(we stock for you*)

<150 lbs @ $4/lb
150-500 lbs @ $3.75/lb
500-1000 lbs @ $3.25/lb
1000+ lbs @ $2.75/lb

*Remote areas may require an added ATV service.
**Within a 200 mile radius of Birmingham, AL.

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Fish aren't the only lucky ones.

We've been serving up the best boiled crawfish and seafood you can find for years. Two great Birmingham locations.

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